A Big Sigh (Oink) Of Relief

A Big Sigh (Oink) Of Relief

A Big Sigh (Oink) Of Relief

How Is Your Year Going So Far?  

Do you feel like January was a long, long, long month? Most people find January a challenging month as you are getting back into the swing of things after a break and payday can feel like a very long way off! A lot of people after a few days or weeks back in the workplace often comment that the holiday break is now a far distant memory as the pace of the workplace kicks back in!

If you are working and you breathe a big sigh of relief when payday comes around we hope that things feel a little better. If you are still looking to make ends meet or if you are not working at this time, we may be able to help.

January is always a busy time for the majority of our clients and therefore for us! We are busy finding the right people for the new jobs our clients have to fill at the start of the new calendar year.

While it is all go, go, go at the start of a new year, we wanted to remind people to try and add a little balance where you can. It really will help you perform better in the long run. A little walk, some light exercise, a healthy diet, yoga or meditation can all help us stay on top of things as the year progresses.

Stay well,

Merrion People