Employers are looking for soft skills

Employers are looking for soft skills

Employers are looking for soft skills

Trends in the employer hiring goals include a renewed requirement for soft skills. As the nature of work continues to change at a tremendous pace, an employee is now required to be able to adapt and change with the new requirements of roles and requirements in the modern workplace.

Skills and experience are in high demand and soft skills, in particular, are in focus.

How do you manage change?

Do you embrace change or resist it? Employers are looking for people who can adapt to change. We see this across many industries. Many employers today require employees who are able to demonstrate their knowledge of current trends in the marketplace.

Staying on top of trends and current changes in your industry can help to show how you are keeping a close eye on changes and how you can be aware of important changes and trends.

As workplace technologies change it is important that candidates stay up to date on the latest tools and how these can be utilised effectively.

Continual learning

How often do you learn? How do you learn and educate yourself? On the job training is still around, and many organisations run an induction program and some type of training for new hires.

However, when it comes to the interview and landing a new job continual learning will help to demonstrate how your knowledge and skills are current.

There are many resources available from a simple Google search to listening to podcasts, watching video online and industry related publications.

Communication is important

Communication is a critical skill. Developing the skills to effectively listen and understand is of paramount importance. Equally being able to articulate and communicate in the workplace is in great demand by employers.

With modern technology dramatically grabbing peoples attention, taking time to listen and communicate clearly is so important.

Developing a new strategy or solving complex problems in your role is good and the impacts and success can often be amplified and executed with greater effectiveness when combined with strong communication skills.

Communication is becoming more complex and multi-channelled in nature. Listening and communicating is not as straightforward today.

We have emails hitting us around the clock, texts, instant messages, online chat groups, mobile, IP calls, video calls, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and many more communication methods being added in the workplace.

Employers are looking for people who can operate in a professional and effective manner across multiple communication channels.

Prioritising and organising

People who can prioritise and organise are very much of interest to employers. The workplace can be very busy and if you can are organised this can be greatly beneficial.

This also helps to deal with changes and unexpected requirements as they occur in the workplace.

Critical thinking

Employers are looking for candidates who can work out a problem or situation. Critical thinking skills can assist you in being able to you to understand problems and come up with effective solutions.

Developing flexible, creative thinking can be called on more and more in modern roles. Demonstrating resourcefulness and the ability to manage change are all skills related to critical thinking.

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